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The first app with emojis for professional and amateur sports clubs and national teams!

Your sports club is interested to have its own emojis?

We design emojis for you in your club colours and with your club logo and provide the emojis for you in our free app - you can use the emojis immediately!

Add your team to WhatsApp as a sticker package or share your club emojis in all chat applications like Instagram, Facebook, Signal, Threema and many more - anytime and anywhere.
Choose your favorite team and chat with your friends and club mates - before, during and after your team's games and competitions - the sports emojis with fan caps, scarves, flags and more cheer, mourn, rant the referee and start chants.

We design club emojis for all sports clubs and sports.

Do you have any questions?

Here you can download the "Goodeys World Cup 2022 schedule" for free!
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